The Stan Pobjoy anti-surge oil sump (otherwise known as the "deep sump") is a clever solution, specifically designed and patented by Stan Pobjoy to prevent oil surge that can occur during intense cornering on the race track.

In a VW flat four engine, oil reserves rest in the bottom of the engines crank case. Due to the design of the VW crank case, oil has a tendency to rush (or surge) to one side of the crank case during intense cornering. This can be extremely problematic as the oil pump draws its oil from the centre of the crank case (via an oil pick-up). If there is no oil available at the pick-up when required, then the engine may be severely damaged or cease instantly.

The Stan Pobjoy anti-surge sump prevents oil surge by trapping a quantity of oil in a uniquely designed anti-surge chamber that bolts on directly underneath the oil pick-up. An extension is fitted to the oil pick-up so that it can reach the oil held inside the chamber and that is all there is to it... no more oil surge! This product has been race tested and is proven to work.

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