What is dual ignition? Put plainly, dual ignition simply means 2 spark plugs per cylinder instead of 1. This configuration was originally designed for light aircraft engines which are required to run dual ignition systems to minimise the risk of ignition failure during flight.

While building high performance VW aircraft engines with dual ignition, Stan Pobjoy discovered an added benefit that had not been originally intended in the dual ignition design. Stan found that dual ignition effectively eliminated the "trade off" that inevitably comes with running a serious performance cam. Typically, an engine that is running a serious performance cam will gain power in the higher rev range at the expense of the lower rev range. With dual ignition, you get the best of both worlds! The increased spark coverage that dual ignition offers effectively compensates for the cams "trade off" by ensuring that fuel burns efficiently.


Since this discovery, Stan Pobjoy has successfully developed and race tested an adaptation of the dual ignition system that is practical for both track and street applications. Dual Ignition is now available to the public and is a must-have for any VW power plant that is running a serious performance cam.​ Increased torque and greater driveability.... what more could you want?​ Stan Pobjoy can professionally modify new or used VW heads and supply the distributor kit required to boost your engines performance.


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