Stan Pobjoy’s Racing Engineering has always focussed on T1 and T3 flat four VW engines. Stan's speciality is the 1916cc conversion based on either a 1300 or 1600 twin port motor. The 1916cc conversion lends itself to street, trike or aircraft applications. In Beetles, Kombis, Bajas and Type 3 variations, components can be altered as needed to suit the customers budget and the vehicles requirements.

Quality machining and decades of experience are the key ingredients in a Stan Pobjoy engine. Stan knows the importance of precise machining tolerances which is why Stan performs both heads and case machining operations himself and personally builds every motor.

People say that Stan talks a lot (and it's true). This is how Stan gets to know his customers and their specific requirements. It is also how Stan helps his customers understand their options and navigate the vast selection of components available on the market which can vary significantly in price and quality.

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